History of Linville Land Harbor

The Beginning
In the late 1920s, Howard Marmon, founder of the Marmon Motor Company and maker of the ill-fated
Marmon automobile, came to Avery County and purchased land in the Pineola area. He built a manor house
complete with servants’ quarters where the coppice of woods now stands south of Huskins Motor Court.
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Property Owners Buy Land Harbor
At a meeting of the POA Board of Directors held on July 27, 1974, Herb Isaac, then General Manager of Land
Harbor, stated: “CCC is experiencing financial difficulty and is asking that POA assume full operational
management of the Land Harbor recreational facilities, road maintenance, garbage collection, fire and security
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Major Changes for Land Harbor
The original concept of Land Harbor intended that the lots designated as RV lots would be used as temporary
camping sites. No telephone lines were laid to these sites. Building codes provided for the construction of a
deck not to exceed 360 sq. ft., a storage room not to exceed 100 sq. ft., a golf shed not to exceed 80 sq. ft., and
a fire ring. Two hundred forty square feet of the deck could be covered.
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The Merger of the POA and LHDA
In 1983, a small but vocal group began urging that the POA and the LHDA merge into a single entity. An
earlier attempt had failed, but conditions had changed and it appeared more feasible to bring about the merger
at this time.
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The decision to build houses on RV lots and the increase in the number of property owners has required
several expansions of the original sewage treatment plant. These additional capacities were paid for using
regularly generated utility fees.
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The POA Board of Directors
POA is managed and operated by a Board of Directors composed of nine members, who serve three-year
staggered terms. A member may serve only two terms on the Board.
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Land Harbor Volunteers
Volunteers are involved in almost all activities in Land Harbor. They assist in the POA Member Services
Office and practically run the social and recreational activities.
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Management and Operations
When CCC began development of Land Harbor, Ernie Hayes and Douglas Miller were employed as joint
Managers. Dick DeBell was employed as Sales Manager and J. D. Isaac as Building Foreman. It was this
team that got the development under way
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Ed Henderson was Chief of Security for CCC. He had three officers to patrol all of Land Harbor. During
busy times, Ernie Hayes and Boyd Coffey helped patrol.
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Harbor Lights
In 1972, CCC published the first newsletter, “Harbor Lights.” This name was the result of a contest to name
the newsletter. Ann Marsh and Mitch Wiles both submitted the name “Harbor Lights” and split the $25 prize
awarded by CCC.
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From its inception, recreation has been a major factor at Land Harbor. CCC built the original Recreation
Building, the pool, the two tennis courts adjoining the Recreation Building, the front-nine holes of the golf
course and of course rebuilt the dam forming the lake.
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