Land Harbor - Security

Ed Henderson was Chief of Security for CCC. He had three officers to patrol all of Land Harbor. During busy times, Ernie Hayes and Boyd Coffey helped patrol. During ensuing years, questions arose regarding the amount and type of security necessary for Land Harbor. In September 1981, Jim Thompson, President of POA, was unsuccessful in arranging for Land Harbor security coverage by contract with the Avery County Sheriff’s Department. In December 1982, Jim Spohn was employed and served until May 1993, with a brief
absence in 1983-84, during which time Fred Banner served in the interim while a POA committee studied the kind of security organization which could best serve Land Harbor.

In May 1993, Fred Ford was employed as Chief of Security, coming to Land Harbor from Sugar Mountain where he had been Chief of Police. The organization chart for the Security Department provided for a chief, five officers, and a relief officer to be called upon as needed.

On July 7, 2000, Security Personnel completed the necessary training, and the name of the Security force was changed to “Special Police.” Land Harbor is now established as a Company Police with the State of North Carolina with all the powers of a municipal police force within the jurisdiction of Land Harbor. As a Company Police, Land Harbor can issue state citations for speeding and other traffic violations. (Amended: June, 2006. In May of 2003 the Company Police status was dissolved and the Security personnel went back to a Security force Then in August of 2006 the Board voted to go back to Company Police.)