Land Harbor - Recreation

From its inception, recreation has been a major factor at Land Harbor. CCC built the original Recreation Building, the pool, the two tennis courts adjoining the Recreation Building, the front-nine holes of the golf course and of course rebuilt the dam forming the lake. CCC also used the fish runs, east of US 221 where the RV storage area is now, to grow fingerling into fish for the river and lake. In addition to providing recreational facilities for the property owners, these facilities were used to promote sales.

CCC employed a Recreation Director to plan and administer recreational activities. At that time, there were many young property owners and much emphasis was placed on activities for children.

When POA took over Land Harbor, the program which was begun by CCC was regularized and expanded. LHDA had accumulated a surplus of funds. These were used to:

a. Double the size of the Recreation Building
b. Build four more soft tennis courts
c. Build and cover a six-lane shuffleboard court, and
d. Demolish the fish runs in the old fish hatchery and develop an RV storage area.

In 1988, POA approved the building of the Golf House to replace the small structure which CCC had built. The design, procurement, construction, and occupancy was directed by Jim McDaniel (B-78) and completed in 1989.

In 1992, the Golf Shop was relocated downstairs in the building allowing more space for other recreational activities under the direction of the Recreation Department.

In 1991-92, POA also remodeled the Recreation Building to provide more usable space, and added two tennis courts in Overlook Park.

Also in 1992, the “Point” was regularly scheduled for picnics, family reunions, and other informal gatherings. When not reserved through the Recreation Manager, this area is used as a practice area for golfers, basketball shooters, etc.

The bath house in Overlook Park was modified to provide a billiards parlor and a Boccie court was built. In 2000, three soft tennis courts were added bringing the total tennis courts in Land Harbor to eleven. Presently, in addition to Pat Jackson, Recreation Manager, a staff of seven people is employed to assist as lifeguards and in other activities.

These additional facilities provide space for ever-expanding recreational activities but there still remain needs for a long-desired driving range, a lengthened back-nine holes, and more space for Recreation Building activities.

Fishing in the Linville River and the lake is managed by the Fishing Committee. The fact that there are approximately 112 boats and 70 canoes, all personally owned, in the racks built by the Fishing Committee attests to the popularity of this sport.

The river and lake are stocked with trout, and occasionally bream, weekly from late March until fall, weather and temperature permitting. Fishing fees and proceeds from the annual Fish Fry pay for this service. The number of property owners who make Land Harbor their full-time home is growing each year.

Shangri-la becomes ever more attractive to those who live here, and love it.